Managed Print Systems

Style guide for a video explaining the history of the printer/fax/copy-machine sales industry and  the value-add of managed print systems to businesses in the digital era.

Freelance Illustration

Sabbath Stressed
Article on an imbalance of work and rest

Article about a woman who struggles to accept physical affection because of her phobia of germs.

Next Step
Article about a woman avoiding her struggles with faith

Innocent Generosity 
Article about the the heart of giving.

Article about a man dealing with the loss of his
son and the struggle with seeing god in it.

inspired by photography of the Dinka tribe

Uncool Project

Accordian fold book made for a campaign focusing on anti-gun messages.
The book follows a release of a destructive energy that is released into the world. A visual story of the cyclical nature of violence.

Sophia and her pet tiger

Illustration done in collaboration with 3W weekly writing workshop, a nonprofit that promotes and cultivates improved literacy through writing mentorship classes. Each student's short story was paired with an illustration.